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Brisin Recruitment 2018/2019 Application Form – Apply Here

How to Apply for Brisin Recruitment in Nigeria through www.brisin.gov.ng.

Applications are invited from interested qualified persons to apply for initial 5000 recruitment for brisin implementation in Nigeria.

The federal government of Nigeria already approved the Brisin Recruitment and the website for the recruitment has been built.

If you are interested in applying, then relax and get all the information you need to know about the Basic Registry and Information System in Nigeria.

This is the pilot phase (FCT) of the brisin implementation in Nigeria recruitment. The initial 5000 to be employed will be on the following:

Data and Information collection, Integration, distribution, and management of all economic activities including but not limited to;

  1. Demography
  2. Commercial and Productive activities
  3. Service economy
  4. Migration both within and outside Nigeria
  5. Diaspora
  6. Urbanization buildings and their uses
  7. Health
  8. Education
  9. Labour, employed and unemployed
  10. Transportation
  11. Legal documentation
  12. Finance
  13. Rural development
  14. Motorizations, mobile, and immobile Engine
  15. Spare Part dealers and all type of maintenance
  16. GSM distribution and providers service, etc.

Requirements for Brisin Recruitment 2018 Application

Applicants must have a minimum of SSCE.

Accepted qualifications are:

Masters and Ph.D., HND/B.sc/BA, ND/NCE, SSCE/GCE

Applicants must have studied any of the following courses in the university, Polytechnique or colleges of education.

Computer Engineering

Computer Science

Banking and Finance

Public Administrations

International Relations

Business Administration

Mass Communication

Structural Engineering

Building Construction


English Language

Project Development



Information Technology





Health Education

Agricultural Science





Wood Work and Mathematics etc.

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How to Apply for Brisin Recruitment 2018/2019

Applicants will have to make a payment of 1000 to cover registration, portal, screening, and training.

You must make the payment before you will proceed to the application page proper. Since the payment is compulsory, you will not be able to see the Brisin Recruitment form until after payment.

To start the recruitment application, visit www.brisin.gov.ng/register

Enter your name, phone number, email address and password then click on register.

You will receive an SMS notification immediately, you will also be redirected to the payment page to make payment of 1000.

Once your payment is confirmed, you will be redirected to the brisin application form page. Fill it and submit.

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Brisin Recruitment.


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  4. i did’t receive any message after i paid till date. what can i do now?

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